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Weekly Devotions

It's a time for giving thanks. A time to show gratitude, not grumble about the little things or even the big ones in life.
So what are you thinking about right now? Be careful because thoughts become things.

Patience. Ever asked the Lord for more patience?
Do you find some things are missing? Maybe you have a hole in your pocket.
Are you thinking right? Sometimes we are and at times we aren't. Let's look into this and check our thinking patterns.
Never give in. Never give up. What's the difference?
Jesus gave Peter a lesson in forgiveness. It was starkly different from we often experience in our lives.
Music! It occupies a special part of our lives in may ways.
What's it like being a role model? You should know. You are one!
Complain. Complain. Complain. That's all some people do. Not us of course. But, in case you sometimes complain just a little here's help in how to avoid complaining.

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