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Weekly Devotions

Joy. A very nice three letter word. But, how does it differ from happiness. Are they the
same or do they work together>
The catcher in baseball fills a very important position. How about a catcher in life to catch and deal with all those problems?
"I got this." How many times have you said that in tackling a problem only to find out you don't have the solution? You need help.
Writing a story. It's what we all do.
Think Happy! Be Happy! Here is how to do that.
A batter goes down swinging and his batting average takes a dip as well. How about you? How many swings and misses have you had in your prayer life?
Sometimes the things we are called on to do seem almost impossible. That's the time to stretch your faith.
Act like a Champion. What does that mean? How do you do it?
Writing your life story by majoring in the minors.
Nobody likes to fail. But sometimes failing at something can lead to bigger and better things.

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