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“In Devotions for the Armchair Quarterback Jim Crosby has combined faith and football in a unique and refreshing way. I especially enjoyed the stories from the early days of college football about Blanchard, Davis and others. His use of scriptures to reflect on football and real life situations is very effective and provides the readers with positive direction for their lives.”

Bobby Bowden
Football Coach, Florida State University

“ You may not be able to play like Coach Bobby Bowden’s Florida State University players, but you can learn to pray like the all-time winningest coach in football. Check out Bowden’s and other prominent gridders “game plans” for life in Jim Crosby’s Devotions for the Armchair Quarterback . It is an excellent playbook with which to start the day.”

Dr. W. Gerry Gilmer
Pastor, John Wesley United Methodist Church

Jim Crosby’s new book, “Devotions for the Armchair Quarterback” is a work that should be read by all football enthusiasts. As a former Quarterback and a Christian, I could not put his book down, especially beginning with “The Game Plan” and moving right through “Half-Time.” Jim combines practicality with piety in football terms that can make a difference in anyone’s devotional life!

Dr. W. M. “Bill” Hinson
CEO, Haggai Institute & former QB at Baylor University

“In Devotions for the Armchair Quarterback Jim Crosby has found a secret; the game of football illustrates Biblical truth! Great stories, great points, great writing; all to give us great stuff to think about!”

John Riley
Motivational Speaker, kicker for Auburn and the Oakland Raiders

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