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Place: St. George Island & Apalachicola UMC

Date:   December 27, 2015
Time:   9;00 & 11 a.m.
Topic:  "What is God Up To?"
Recent Appearances
November 29, 2015-Apalachicola 1stUMC
                                 "Challenging Days"
November 29, 2015-St. George Island UMC
                                  "Challenging Days"
August 16, 2015: 1st UMC Apalachicola
                              "Sounds a Little Fishy"
August 16 2015: St. George Island, UMC
                              "Sounds a Little Fishy"
March 22, 2015: Good Samaritan UMC
                             "Chasing Lions
December 7, 2014: Abundant Life Fellowship, Talla.
                               "Decisions, Decisions"
August 21,2014: Civitan Talla., Longhorn Steak House
                           Football Season Kickoff
July 27, 2014: 1st UMC Apalachicola 
                        "Batting Rocks"
July 27, 2014: St.George Island UMC
                        "Batting Rocks"
July 20, 2014 1st UMC Apalachicola
                       "Decisions, Decisions"
July 20, 2014: St. George Island UMC
                       "Decisions, Decisions"
July 13, 2014:  Good Samaritan UMC
                         "Decisions, Decisions"
July 6, 2014:  Pisgah UMC
                      "Decisions, Decisions"
April 27, 2014: Pisgah UMC  
                         "Five Stone Steps"
November 13, 2013-Pisgah UMC
                                "Seeing The Invisible,
                                  Doing the Impossible"
October 20, 2013-Good Samaritan UMC
                             "Seeing the Invisible,
                               Doing the Impossible"
August 15, 2013-Civitan Club, Tallahassee, FL
                           "Football Fever"
January 26, 2013-District Training, St. Paul's UMC
                             Tallahassee, FL
                      "The Laity:  Are We Still Relevant?"
November 4, 2012-Good Samaritan UMC, Tallahassee
                               "This is the Day"
September 2, 2012-First Methodist, Live Oak FL.
                              "Glove Compartment Rewards"
August 16, 2012-Civitan Club
                  "High Expectations: Another Season Begins"
May 20, 2012-Wakulla United Methodist Church
                      "Going First Class"
May 6, 2012 - Good Samaritan UMC, Tallahassee
                       "A Prisoner of Hope"
January 21,2012-NW FL District Training
                           1st UMC Perry
January 1, 2012-Good Samaritan UMC, Tallahassee
                         "The Unlimited Bank Account"
August 18, 2011-Civitan Club
                            "Kicking Off The Season"
August 7, 2011-St. Paul's UMC-Burleigh Law Class
                         ("The Maurice Chevalier Disease"A
May 1, 2011 Woodville UMC (homecoming)
                     "Camels Hair, Locusts and Honey"
February 10, 2011  Civitan Club
                             "Our Changing Lives"
January 29, 2011  1st United Methodist Perry FL
                              "Living as Peacemakers"
January 30, 2011  1st United Methodist Madison FL
                              "A Postcard from God"
January 16, 2011  Pisgah United Methodist Church
                              "Small Beginnings"




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