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By Jim Crosby
Lessons in life that can be learned from the game of football by using Bible scriptures. [MORE]
Price: $15.99
Monday Morning Devotions

Monday Morning Devotions contains weekly motivational messages addressing workplace problems, family difficulties, individual struggles, & spiritual hurdles. [MORE]

Price: $15.99

You Can't Become a Football Overnight

Bill Peterson was the malaprop-spinning, offensive genius who coached the Florida State Seminoles to national prominence, 1960-70. He has been called the "Yogi Berra of Football." He was the master of mis-statement and often left players, reporters, fans, and family scratching their heads with some of his verbal gaffes. "You Can't Become a Football Overnight" is a funny book about a highly successful coach. It will make you and your friends laugh time after time. [MORE]

Price: $19.95


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