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The Truth-May 4, 2020

The truth? Just what is it anyway? In these difficult times the truth is what we long for.

Monday Morning Devotion-May 4, 2020


The Truth


You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.    John 8:32


            In these trying times we often wonder just what the truth is.  As our world was blindsided by the evil corona virus we are besieged daily with all kinds of information as everyone wants to know; "What's going on?"  Just what is the truth?

            We try to separate suppositions and guesswork from authentic information.  All kinds of cures have been proposed, yet there doesn't seem to be any concrete solution yet as the number of those infected rises and even sadder, so does the death toll.

            It is a common daily occurrence to check the news and see that the numbers of those who have died keeps rising.  When that total is down for a day or more the speculation that the virus may have run its course starts to ease the fear.  However, that can't be taken as a sign because things keep changing.

            So, we continue to wonder: Just what is the truth?  Where are we headed?  When will things get better?  Will things return to normal?  What will the new normal look like?

            None of those questions have yet been answered.  But here is one thing that is

the truth.  Those total numbers that are quoted not just numbers.  Unless we have been directly affected by a virus caused death those numbers represent more than simply numbers.  Even though names or faces don't show up in the news reports there is much more involved.

            The truth is that within the total numbers that are reported each one represents a real person.  Each of the deceased had a life and a history.  The death of each person directly affected others, some brought grief to many. There are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, children and grandchildren who have lost a loved one and they are very sad.

            And the truth of the matter is that each day we are blessed to not be in that number.  Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones.  We take all the precautions we can to avoid the virus, yet we wonder, we hope, and we pray; "is that enough?"

            This is a time to steep ourselves in the lessons we learn from scripture because as today's verse for the gospel according to the disciple John points out: "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

            Dr Charles Stanley ("Jesus Our Perfect Hope") says that in these difficult times when disheartening thoughts continually plague our mind, we need to understand that we are under attack by the enemy.  He knows what most depresses you and will twist how you see your circumstances to undermine your security in Christ.

            Stanley continues: "What he (Satan) says may appear to be true because it coincides with what your eyes see, and ears hear.  But don't give in to his onslaught.  Those demoralizing messages are absolutely false and do not take into account what God is doing in the unseen.  So, reject what the enemy tells you and immediately fill your mind with the truth of Scripture."

            Mark Batterson  ("Draw the Circle) points out that times like these are the times when "Crazy Faith" is needed.  As an example, Batterson uses the story in Luke of the persistent widow.  He says "persistent is a nice word for crazy.  The judge who she kept°uh, bugging to receive justice said:  "This woman is driving me crazy."  Luke 18:5 (NLT).

            The judge knew there was no quit in this woman.  She had "crazy faith." Does our judge know that about us?  Batterson says that nothing has changed.  God is still honoring those who pray with audacity.  He honors those who defy protocol with their bold prayers.

            Batterson really knows how to make a point.  I love this paragraph; "The viability of our prayers is not contingent on scrabbling the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet into the right combinations like abracadabra. God already knows the last punctuation mark before we pronounce the first syllable.  The viability of our prayers has more to do with intensity than vocabulary.  It has more to do with what we do than what we say.  Don't just pray about it; act on it."

            If there was ever a time for craziness in our lives it is now.  It is time for out-of-the-box thinking and implementing the ideas that emanate from it.  Remember how the comedian Steve Martin started out calling himself a "wild and crazy guy?" He pretty much built a career out of this craziness.

            Batterson says: "There is a pattern repeated in Scripture; crazy miracles are the offspring of crazy faith.  Normal begets normal.  Crazy begets crazy.  If we want to see God do crazy miracles, sometimes we need to pray crazy prayers."

             He concludes by saying: "Bold prayers honor God and God honors bold prayers."

            If ever there was a time for craziness, for boldness for praying with purpose and passion it is certainly now.

            So, what is the truth?  What is true about you"

            Here's what Dr. Stanley says.  "Here is what is true about you.  The Father loves you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3).  He enables you to accomplish all He calls you to do. (2 Corinthians 3:5).  And He always answers when you call (Jeremiah 33:3)."

            Trust God to help you in these times of crisis.  And don't be afraid to put a little craziness in those prayers.  Who knows what kind of a crazy miracle God may have that is looking for a home?


Prayer:  Jesus, please root out the enemy's lies and replace them with Your truth so we may walk in your freedom.    Amen!


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