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Weekly Devotions

When is it best to never give-in? How about when you should give up?
You can do it!
So you feel like you know what the first step to take is. But, what is the 2nd step that God wants you to take?
Anybody ever call you our about your attitude? No? Lucky you. We all have an attitude. It's an ever changing thing.What's the key to having a good attitude and how important is it?
Here's a lesson in moving mountains.
Does God hear and answer all prayers---big ones and little ones. too?
What are you hoping for?
Do you keep score and determine how many of your daily thought or actions take up a lot of your time? Does score keeping become a chore?
What are you thinking and why are you thinking about it? And what are other people thinking about. All viable questions.
Our minds process so much information. Yet, sometimes there is something on our mind that we just can't let go of. We have a preoccupied mind.

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