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Weekly Devotions

Who is the real you? You are you, right? Maybe you should take a look in 2020 at who the
real you is and who you want the real you to be. Confusing? Read on.
Looking ahead to what a New Year holds for us is exciting, mystery and a little bit scary too. The key is to keep the faith and know that God is good. All the time.
Christmas is for sharing memories as well as making new ones. Both of those come into play as we focus on the real purpose---celebrating the birth of our savior.
There is meaning and then there is true meaning.
If you had a choice would you choose hope or would you choose the sure thing?
What if hope was the sure thing?
Into this colorful season of the year a little "grayness" will try to creep in. Be prepared.
It's the Thanksgiving Season. But, shouldn't the time for giving thanks extend beyond a holiday?
Who do you trust. How far do you trust them. What is the answer.
Choice-points---something you encounter every day. What to do with them? That's the question.
There's faith and there's real faith. What's the difference?

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