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Weekly Devotions

Sometimes you hear a familiar song and it speaks to certain parts of your life. This is about one such song and how it speaks to us through scripture as well.
What is a small flaw? Do you ignore it thinking it is not important and will go away? Or do you handle it? If so, how do you do that?
When a solution to a problem comes up do you hop on it immediately.? Or do you thing about things that could block it and say: "That might work, yeah-but and start things that could make it not work?
Are you ready to step out and take a new path?
Character! We all have it. But are we satisfied with it and how do we improve?
That's crazy. What's crazy? Lots of stuff. Read the devotion to find out.
Everybody loves it when an underdog defies the odds and gains success. Here is such a story.
Like to read mysteries and thrillers? We are closing out February with a profound mystery.
Here is a new take on an old piece of advice.
Ways to pray. Things to avoid doing.

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