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Weekly Devotions

There's a time to stop what you are doing and simply take a deep breath. You might be surprised how refreshing that is.
Thru our weaknesses we can become strong. Here' how!
Music. It occupies a special place in our lives going all the way back to Old Testament times and before that.
Ever looked for God's autograph on something? Anything bearing his autograph would certainly make it special. There may be more things like that in your world than you realize.
Sometimes it seems like we live in a "hurry up and wait" world. Waiting gets old. It's hard to always be waiting for what you want. Let's take a look at how to ease the wait.
Gift wrapped moments. They are always special.
Ever think of God as being unpredictable. Read this devotion and you may comprehend that line of thought.
Complaining. It's something we just naturally do. Can we correct that? Yes!
Now about those memories. How big of a role do they play in your life.
Ah yes...The GPS. What would we do without it? Get lost probably. No worry. We all have One.

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