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Weekly Devotions

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Time to revisit the true Christmas Story. So, why was it that the shepherds were the first to learn about the birth of the Savior.
How's your faith working? Just fine? Or does it need a little tuning up?
What would you look like if you appeared on God's Screen Saver?
Sometimes when things don't work out just like we want them to we might think that God is being unfair.
Is God ever unfair?
What me Worry? Yes, you. We all do it. Let's look at some ways we can make these tendencies work for us.
Words of encouragement. You can't beat them!
In Baseball the batting average is a key statistic. Showing how many times you succeed and how many times you fail. But, what about your prayer batting average. Do you always get a hit? How many times do you fail?
Can you trust God? Silly question, right? Well, sometimes when things don't work out the way you want them to you might start to wonder.
Do you sometimes have a tendency to over promise something and then---oops it is not working. That's why it's good to under promise to start with.
There's crazy-good and crazy-bad. Read how good crazy happenings can be.

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