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Weekly Devotions

Sometimes we just need a nudge to do the right thing. Then there are times when we need to nudge someone else to do something good.
Thinking about what we are thinking can pay some real dividends.
God has a set time for when your prayers will be answered.
As Time Goes By is more than just a song title.
Tangles. What are they? Deception. What is it? Find out in today's devotion: "Tangles of Deception. "
There is a mountain up ahead in your life. How are you going to get past it? Let's explore the ways.
Ever taken a Divine Detour? Sure you have. Many times!
We are prone to grumble at times which can have adverse affects. A much better posture is one of
How do you deal with those difficult people in your life?
It's all in your mind? Hmm, what's that? Today's devotion will reveal some interesting thoughts about that.

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