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Weekly Devotions

This puzzle, called Life, gets more confusing and more dangerous all the time. With the Lord's help we put together the puzzle, one piece at a time.
Decsions, decisions. We make a lot of them. Perhaps more than we are even conscious of.
Eliminate the negative...after you have accentuated the positive. It's all good from there.
Hitting the delete button could be one of the most important actions you take!
What is the best version of yourself? Let's find out in today's devotion.
Value Every Possession. Good advice in today's devotion.
Its a very important four letter word: H-O-P-E!
Praise. It's a good thing. How often should we do it? How does it differ from Worship? How often should we do that?
Ah yes, it's Super Sunday again. Played in Miami on Ground Hog day...February 2, 2020. Here are some words of wisdom about being "Super."
An example of true servanthood.

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