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Weekly Devotions

Are you the best you can be right now? If not lets take a look at how you can become
the best version of yourself.
Seems like things are always happening to put a damper on your joy and happiness, right?
It's probably those little foxes causing it.
Needing a miracle in your life? Other than the daily miracles that God sends our way
in such large numbers that we take them for granted there may be a big miracle just around the corner.
How far do your prayers go? Are they deep enough. Yes, well are they deep fried?
What comes to mind when you hear the word "platform?" It is probably more meaningful than you think/
Criticism. In these pandemic-plagued days there is lots of it to go around. Take a look at ways of dealing with it.
Waiting that's not something we do well. It doesn't come natuarally to a lot of us. You could say that it is an acquired taste. But there is One who can ease and use the wait.
OK so you have a great plan. Call it Plan A. What if its not working? Do you have a
Plan B?
Our faith often calls on us to take that first step. But, what about the second one?
Do you have a security blanket for tough times?

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