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Weekly Devotions

Into this colorful season of the year a little "grayness" will try to creep in. Be prepared.
It's the Thanksgiving Season. But, shouldn't the time for giving thanks extend beyond a holiday?
Who do you trust. How far do you trust them. What is the answer.
Choice-points---something you encounter every day. What to do with them? That's the question.
There's faith and there's real faith. What's the difference?
Looking back to the present. That's our assignment today.
The Labyrinth of our lives is sometimes hard to cope with. That is until we recall God's Original Blessing.
The importance of words in our lives. Used properly they can bring happiness and success. Used imporperly or not at all the reverse is true.
A few years ago we visited this idea about prayer. It's time to look at it again.
Be Happy. Easy to say, but is it hard to do? Not really.

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