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Weekly Devotions

Weakness can become a strength.
Here's some good advice to make each day the best it can be.
Living a well-led life is something we all want to do. It is not always easy. Today we look at someone who excelled in leading a life that pleased God.
Do you like Chess? No? Well, it doesn't matter if you play chess or not this devotion has some important information for you.
There many ways to express your thoughts, show displeasure, ask for more information.
The Writer. Is that you? Yes it is! Everyone writes.
Make sure your dreams are big enough to fit God in. God has dreams for you that far exceed your own personal ones.
There are times when we just feel tired and we aren't sure why. Then there are times when we feel tired and we know why. Let's take a look at these and examine some solutions.
Time. What can we do about it? It just keeps on going by.
Ever tried to make something out of nothing. Impossible? Well, read this devotion to see how it was done.

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