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Weekly Devotions

Writing your life story by majoring in the minors.
Nobody likes to fail. But sometimes failing at something can lead to bigger and better things.
Keep On, Keeping On. That's the advice shared in this devotion and we have the stories to back up the importance of doing that.
How's it going? Could be better? Try mixing it up.
What are you worrying about? Lots of things? One big thing? Whatever may be
the case here are some things to think about that might help.
You wake up with a brand new day. What are you going to do with it?
How about carpe diem?
There is a major chess game going on everyday and you are a part of it even if you don't know how to play chess.

Hopes are the foundation for those dreams we have. We have hopes with good reason. We know the One who fulfills them.
Waiting is hard. Sometimes wait seems unbearabable. Never fear, God is in control.
Are you the best you can be right now? If not lets take a look at how you can become
the best version of yourself.

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