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Weekly Devotions

February is a month in which we put extra emphasis on love. Valentine's Day, birthdays and other events cause us to consider our love emphasis.
Ever think about this? Your life is like one huge puzzle and the Lord is putting it together piece by piece.
Memories...they are a very important part of our lives.
You probaby never think of Jesus as being a party goer. Well, he did attend parties and for good reasons.[
A broader path is less likely to cause a fall. That's when you are walking. But, how about those obstacles in life that cause you to make mistakes and head down a path that is not the best one. Let's look at how to broaden life's paths to keep on the right track.
Do you sometimes feel like your life is a sentimental journey. That could be good because it means that the Lord has blessed you with many wonderful memories.
Just take it one at a time. Ever received that piece of advice. We all have. Here's why it's good advice.
As we start a new year how are you feeling about God? Better still how is God feeling about you! Here's a little refresher course on that subject.
Here's the annual retelling of one of my favorite Christmas Stories. "A Wobbly Wheel at Christmas"
Things are getting a little brighter around here. There are Christmas lights everywhere. We're getting ready for a big birthday celebration. The birth of our Savior.

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